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This is an old saying and in Ayurveda the similar principle is been mentioned for fever. Ayurveda advises us to observe fast if someone is feverish. As Fever is considered as sign of Ama(toxin), fasting allows the body to burn the AMA and recover from it. Certain herbal teas,Herbal water,some kind of fruit juices  are allowed during the period but if someone can observer complete fast then it is recommended. Following herbal remedy will help to cool the body due to fever and help body to digest the Ama( toxin) easily. You will need CORIANDER LEAVES - Handful of those  WATER 1/3 cup Wash the coriander leaves thoroughly,and put handful of it in the blender . Add 1/3 cup of water and blend together. Strain out the pulp from blender. Take 2 teaspoon of this mixture three times a day during the fever. This is so effective anti pitta remedy. This will help to bring down the temperature. Be mindful about when to refer to your general practitioner

Amazing benefits of fruit or vegetable peel ( BEST FROM WASTE )

Think before you throw away the peel........yes that's right ,,, next time when you are about to throw banana skin or Papaya peel remember this post  AND I am  sure you will be amazed by it ..... 1. Papaya peel - this is very effective for dull skin to brighten it . You can use fresh peel or you can sun dry the peel and make a powder of it later. Apply the fresh peel directly on the face leave for,10 minutes and wash or make a face pack from dry powder mixed in water.  2. The peels of Dudhi (bottle gourd) is best detoxifying agent. Rub the fresh peel of Dudhi on face and wash after 10 minute. It will leave the skin very smooth and glowing . 3. The Orange peels is great exfoliator. Sun dry some orange peel and then grind them to make a fine powder. Mix the powder with fresh milk cream or honey. Leave for 5/10 minutes and when it is little bit dry ,start to take it off the face by doing small rotational upward movements. This,is the best exfoliating face scrub. 4. The peels of lemon


Coriander is the most common household remedy and it is available throughout the year. Coriander seeds contain an unusual array of phytonutrients. They are a very good source of dietary fiber and a good source of iron, magnesium and manganese. AYURVEDIC NOTES  Dhania ( coriander )is pungent in taste and cooling in nature. Coriander is Aromatic, stimulant,carminative,diuretic and anti spasmodic. TOP HOME REMEDIES 1) Fresh coriander leaves can be chewed frequently throughout the day to cure stomatitis,bad breath and it also prevents dental caries. 2) Migraine- Prepare fresh juice from leaves and apply externally to the forehead. 3) Indigestion,Colic - mix two spoonful of fresh leaves juice of coriander with glassful of fresh buttermilk and take this two or three times a day. This remedy is good for vomiting and nausea also. 4) Vitamin Deficiency - coriander has a lot of essential vitamins in it. So if you vitamin deficiency,especially Vitamins A,B1,B2,C then take one teaspoon of fresh co


As we age our vision and sensory functions decreases gradually. For eye related issues we always refer as Pitta disorder. In Ayurveda,there are couple of experiments which we can do easily to improve eye vision. 1) Gazing at Ghee lamp (trataka)  This is very simple and effective practice to improve vision. Put a wick of cotton in small vessel fixed with ghee. Sit down in a quiet place I front of the lamp. Fix your gaze upon the flame for at least 20 minutes. You can add this to one of your daily routine. This fixed gazing is a method of meditation which involves concentrating on a single point such as a small object, black dot or candle flame. It is used in yoga as a way of developing concentration, strengthening the eyes, and stimulating the ājňā chakra. This will help to improve the improve and sharpen the vision. This is also helpful in treating Photophobic headache. 2) Another practice is to follow stars in dark night. This cools and cleanse the eyes.  3) Triphala ghee is a special