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Tulsi,Turmeric and Ginger Herbal Tea

Tulsi,Turmeric and Ginger Herbal Tea This is a very delicious drink to try when you are having a common cold. The spices and herbs in this tea makes a delicious and very effective tea against the common cold. Ingredients *           water *         Tulsi leaves ( handful or 2 tea bags of tulasi leaf tea) *         Freshly grated Ginger 2 to 3 tea spoonfuls ( 1 to 2 tsp dry ginger powder) *           Turmeric powder – Half to One tea spoon *         Honey to taste Directions *           Boil 4 cups of water in a sauce pan on high heat. Once boiling, remove from heat. *           Add the tulsi, grated ginger and turmeric. *         Stir and cover with lid *           Let these herbs steep for 6-8 minutes. *         Strain into a mug. *         Add the honey to taste when the tea is bit cooled down .Never add homey to hot liquid  *         Sip whilst it warm