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Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for the Winter

Ayurvedic Beauty Tips for the Winter With the summery sun retiring away, the chilly times of winter are looming over us. Winter in Ayurveda is the season predominantly dominated by the Vata Energy.  Vata is composed of space and air, hence this drying airy energy brings with it numerous problems for our skin.  Winter winds and the cold environment, combined with our need to keep the heaters on, tends to strip moisture from the skin; many people face problems such as dryness, and loss of facial glow during this season. Ayurveda provides teachings on how to combat this approaching Vata energy so that we can rejuvenate our skin and keep it healthy and sustained throughout the following months: 1. As Vata works its way by stripping the natural oils from our skin’s surface, we must ensure to replenish this by applying oil to our skin on a regular basis during these months.  One should make it a routine to carry out Abhyanga, ayurvedic massage, for a minimum of 10 minutes onto your entir