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JEERAK ( Cumin seeds)

Jeerak is a very well known spice in Asian kitchen. We all enjoy a pinch of rosted jeera powder with buttermilk. Ayurvedic properties-it Balances vatta and kapha, and Increases pitta. HOME REMEDIES 1) Bleeding in piles- take one tablespoon each of cumin seeds,aniseed and coriander seeds, and boil them together in glass of water. When half the quantity left ,strain the liquid and add one tsp,ghee in it . Now drink this twice day . 2) For relief in diarrhea add jeera powder (roasted cumin) with half a tsp honey and take this mixture four times a day . 3)Urticaria- To get relief from itchy skin take bath with boiled cumin water( add jeera seeds in water and bring a boil) 4) In chronic and relapsing fever grind Cumin seeds and mix jaggery in equal quantity. Eat 5gm with water thrice a day. 5) Face wash - for clear face Boil cumin seeds in water and use this filter water as face wash. 6) Increasing of breast feed- Fry 125 gm cumin in ghee, mix mishri (crystal sugar )125 gm. Take 1 tsp twice


As per Ayurveda,Diabetes is considers as Kapha type of disorder. The patient has a diminished functioning of Agni( Digestive fire ) which is related to to high sugar levels in the blood. There are few very effective herbal preparations,which helps to control the high blood sugar and it allows a better management of the disease. Here are few preparations,which has shown promising results in clinical test environment when it comes to control the high blood sugar levels. 1) HERBAL POWDER MIX FOR DIABETES Punarnava - 2 parts Shardunika - 1 part Kutki. -1 part  Guduchi. - 1 part Mix the listed herbs together, and take it as 1/2 teaspoon 2 or 3 times a day as suggested by your Ayurveda consultant,with warm water. 2) TURMERIC POWDER The very effective and well researched herb is Turmeric. It very simple but at the same time very very effective in controlling the blood sugar level. What you need to do is either fill in your own capsules with the organic turmeric powder or buy the readily avail