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Tips For Daily Routine During Winter

Ayurveda suggests waking up a bit later in the winter (around 7 a.m.) than you would in other seasons. Tongue scraping. Have you ever noticed a film or coating on your tongue in the morning? This is ama (digestive impurities) that has been deposited overnight by your digestive system ridding your body of toxins. Jihwa prakshalana, or tongue scraping, helps clean the tongue of ama—which can compromise your digestion and immune system—before it can be reabsorbed. Here’s how to do it: After brushing your teeth, take your sterling silver or stainless steel Tongue Cleaner (or the front of a silver spoon) and place it as far back on your tongue as comfortable. Firmly but gently, scrape the surface of your tongue from back to front. Rinse your tongue scraper with hot water after use. Repeat 5-7 times, until your tongue looks and feels clean. Sesame seed oil Gargle ( Oil swishing ): Swish 1 tablespoon of sesame, coconut, or olive oil around in your mouth for 60 seconds, and “p