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Help for chapped and rough hands

# Help for Dry and Chapped Hands #  Low humidity in winter season ,dries out skin leaving it irritated. Secondly as you age,your body produces less of the oil that keeps skin smooth. This leaves the hands very dry and chapped.  So how to prevent getting your hands rough and driving you crazy... 1) Stay out of hot water  2) Avoid soaping 3) Put  moisturiser in air - use a home humidifier  4)Pamper your hands- apply quality moisturiser at least twice a day. In addition, do it after each washing. LEMON OIL This very easy home made moisturiser is very effective in preventing hands from getting dry and rough. Add Few drops of Lemon Oil with few drops of Glycerine . Massage this into your hands at least twice a day, especially at bedtime. It will make your chapped hands smooth and it will sooth the if rites hands as well