Sunday, 3 April 2016

Health tip for allergies

  Everyday we come across different types of allergens which can be causing allergies. To minimize the effects of allergen this simple trick can help. Apply pure Ghee to the nasal mucous membrane and lubricate it. This will prevent direct contact of allergen with mucous membrane.

Saturday, 9 January 2016


We believe in Ayurveda that " All diseases are caused by an under functioning digestive system" 

There are few signs to look out for good digestive system .
* Notice how you feel before you eat,
* are you really hungry ?
* how do you feel after eating : heavy or energised?
 Once you start allowing your inner intelligence to guide you ,then you will be more likely to find out what is healthy and right for you.

There are few easy ways which you can follow to achieve a good digestion .

1) look out for the sign of previous meal is digested before eating next meal. Leave 4-6 hours minimum in between meals. If you feel light and your breath is fresh then it's a right time to have your next meal.

2)  keep drinking warm water or Herbal tea between meals. Try to avoid snacking in between meals.

3) start a meal with salty, sour, and little bit spicy flavours as these increases Agni.

4) Drink ginger tea to stimulate digestion.

5) Cook your food with spices like Clove,Black pepper,Ginger, Cumin, Cinnamon  and Fennel. These are digestive herbs and you can eat them before meals as well.

6) Do not overeat  or undereat as both disrupt your digestion.

7) Choose what is in Season and what grows in your own climate.

Move slowly with this awareness and learn at a pace that suits you.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

JEERAK ( Cumin seeds)

Jeerak is a very well known spice in Asian kitchen. We all enjoy a pinch of rosted jeera powder with buttermilk.
Ayurvedic properties-it Balances vatta and kapha, and Increases pitta.


1) Bleeding in piles- take one tablespoon each of cumin seeds,aniseed and coriander seeds, and boil them together in glass of water. When half the quantity left ,strain the liquid and add one tsp,ghee in it . Now drink this twice day .

2) For relief in diarrhea add jeera powder (roasted cumin) with half a tsp honey and take this mixture four times a day .

3)Urticaria- To get relief from itchy skin take bath with boiled cumin water( add jeera seeds in water and bring a boil)

4) In chronic and relapsing fever grind Cumin seeds and mix jaggery in equal quantity. Eat 5gm with water thrice a day.

5) Face wash - for clear face Boil cumin seeds in water and use this filter water as face wash.

6) Increasing of breast feed- Fry 125 gm cumin in ghee, mix mishri (crystal sugar )125 gm. Take 1 tsp twice a day.This is a well known home remedy.

7)Antiseptic properties of cumin can help fight flu by boosting your immune system.

8)you can make a quick herbal tea for flu - boil a cup of water with cumin seeds, ginger, basil leaves ( tulsi ) and honey. Drink this tea to give quick relief.

Jeera is anti pyretic and antiseptic .Jeera helps control stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhoea, nausea and morning sickness. Cumin seeds also contain a good amount of iron

You can include jeera in everyday preparations like parathas, curries, cookies, soups, rice and lentil preparations. Experiment with these wonderful spices to get the best of it .